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4 advantages of advertising display

Issuing time:2020-07-07 00:00

The original advertising started from the outdoor, good outdoor advertising can bring people the most intuitive experience, so under this unparalleled advantage, flourishing for a long time.

1. Space advantage

Whether it is a single media such as pillar billboards, LED words, advertising light boxes, advertising walls, or hungry network media such as stations, car bodies, car seats, outdoor advertising is irreplaceable because it can often reach the masses that other media cannot reach.

2. Time advantage

If you could give your AD a deadline, I think most people would choose 24 hours a day.Among the many advertising methods, outdoor advertising is undoubtedly the easiest to achieve, it does not need additional investment, but can be published 24/7, 24 hours a day, transmission time is the most adequate.

3. Geographical advantages

A good location with a good outdoor advertising, then bring sensory experience is infinite stimulation.Also because of the persistence and prominence of outdoor signs, it is easy to become an iconic landmark in a certain region. Therefore, the huge signs in the golden section have become a must for some famous brands.

4. Flexible advantages

Outdoor signs can mobilize a variety of on-site expression means, to create a comprehensive, rich sensory stimulation.Image, sentence, 3D object, dynamic sound, environment...And so on, can cooperate skillfully more.Through strategic media arrangement and distribution, the right choice of time and place, and the use of the right outdoor signs can achieve the ideal range, reach almost every level of people.

Therefore, outdoor advertising is a long-term and continuous growth, but to really do well, we need to constantly improve the technology, to achieve the "continuous innovation, reasonable layout, standard placement, quality assurance" principle.

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