Lishui Baidu Advertising Media Co. LTD

       Lishui Baidu Cultural Media is a planning company that can rely on its own planning advantages and advertising production advantages, and focus on the integrated marketing planning of large shopping malls, real estate, enterprises, government departments, 4S stores and the planning and execution of various large-scale activities.

Currently, baidu Media has a total of 20 employees, including the planning department, the design department and the equipment Department. Relying on the powerful media resources and the execution effect of the planning ability, we are committed to building an advertising company that integrates the whole marketing, planning and design, and implementation, and a trans-regional advertising media company.

Service advantages
Be able to deal with all kinds of industry planning projects at ease.
In our past service cases, you can see the planning and release cases of different industries and different customers. You don't need to worry about the quality and effect of our successful completion, because the first time we communicate with us, we will have such doubts, and often in the end, we can make them feel surprised.Give you a new brand sense, so that your brand advertising more connotation, creative, aesthetic, innovative, effective.
Get the most out of your investment.
Excellent reputation, excellent quality, sincere service, reasonable prices, for a company specialized in planning, the one can't be little, we provide a reasonable fee, will save you a considerable cost, make your brand can stand the time, the test of the market, let you pay of the cost of advertising to create more profits.
Our Cases
Event Planning exhibition
Enterprise exhibition hall space design
Marketing guidance system
Multimedia space and marketing display
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25 Zhangcun Road, Nanmingshan Street