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Our strengths
The plane design
Multimedia exhibition space design and production
> brochures
> corporate image manual

> packaging design

> LOGO/ business card/membership card

> spray painting/photo/printing

The design application of plastic arts elements in the exhibition space is the image expression of information, namely the materialization of information.The rational application of each kind of modeling elements in the exhibition space has significance and information, and has artistic aesthetics, technology and culture.Plastic arts elements are not a single application in the exhibition space, but a comprehensive creative application for the display theme, and a comprehensive materialized expression after the integration of diversified information.
Our case
Event Planning exhibition
Enterprise exhibition hall space design
Marketing guidance system
Multimedia space and marketing display
Customer's comments on us
he production process is clear, the coordination degree of people is high, the attitude is good, the promotion method is many, the strength is big, the time node control is just right, the invited guests and the target customers are consistent, the follow-up is positive after the meeting, has established a virtuous circle for the company image.
Provide professional design solutions for our sub-projects. Define the brand model by studying the business model. Provide excellent brand integration solutions, making the brand value of the project more prominent and more marketable.Offer different solutions.
Evaluation of Wanda Plaza project
The marketing system of an enterprise needs to be constantly improved, especially for new enterprises, the influence of the enterprise environment on the development of the enterprise is not negligib…
The original advertising started from the outdoor, good outdoor advertising can bring people the most intuitive experience, so under this unparalleled advantage, flourishing for a long time.…
Wall advertising is a simple and clear form of advertising, advertising space inside only text or some simple corporate logo…
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